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Running Affair's Fitness and Wellness Journey Apps
Meet your fitness and wellness goals with Running Affair's Journey Apps.

Whether focused on improving your performance in a specific fitness activity, such as running and competitive racing, or on your overall wellness, Running Affair's Journeys help you be more satisfied with your life and performance, reinforce healthy behaviors, strengthen good habits, and bring into balance your life through fitness, healthy eating, and a more healthy overall outlook.

The unique difference and benefit of the Running Affair Journeys is in the balanced, more realistic, and flexible approach that adapts to the busy and changing aspects of your life which will, in turn, more effectively help you thrive and master your fitness, wellness, and outlook.
Running Affair's Journeys can be used on smart phones, tablets, and PCs.

Running Affair Journeys encourage you to stay engaged and take on and complete challenges in four fitness and wellness areas through a series of paths along a journey. Journey's have a primary focus in either fitness or wellness. The first set of fitness focused journey's highlight running or power walking for pleasure and/or competition, from 5K's to Ultra's and for duathlons and triathlons. The wellness journey focuses on overall health and well being.

The Journeys guide you on those paths. This guidance comes in a combination of motivational cues, educational resources, fitness activities, healthy eating concepts and habit building for weight management, and resources to address stress and energy. Rewards for achieving milestones helps keep participants engaged and encourages participation.

Community resources in the Running Affair Journeys provide an opportunity to participate in a private local community that supports and encourages participants in that community to engage with other members of the community which will foster encouragement and support to help participants meet their goals.
Running Community Journey App

The Running Community Journey is a motivational and training resource that supports participants who run or power walk as part of their fitness, and, for participants that are training for running related events, from 5K's to Ultra's and for duathlon's and triathlon's. The Running Community Journey will enhance your passion for fitness and running, and, give you supporting information for a better, healthier, and safer performance.

The unique value of Running Community Journey is that it supports runners with a balanced approach to running and training for races. For a runner to be in balance, they must address the four key areas of: energy, fitness, stress, and weight management. This Balanced approach helps participants be more satisfied with their running and their lives, reinforce healthy behaviors, and strengthen good habits.
Healthy Lifestyle Journey App

The Healthy Lifestyle Journey is a motivational resource that guides participants towards making small, gradual changes to improve their health without having to make the big, drastic changes to their lifestyle that diet programs and many fitness programs require. The Healthy Lifestyle Journey contains a series of Paths that show participants how to build flexibility into their healthy lifestyle so that no matter where they are in life, no matter how much time they have, they can still make healthy choices.

Our goal is to help participants be more satisfied with their lives, reinforce healthy behaviors, and strengthen good habits by bringing into balance one's life through fitness, healthy eating, and achieve a more healthy overall lifestyle.

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