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Organizing fitness and wellness activities and information into motivational resources that engage participants to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Running Affair is all about fitness, wellness, running, and running related activities, events, and merchandise.

It's about supporting the sales and registrations of races, events, and training programs.

It's about selling running and fitness gear.

It's about managing training, fitness, and wellness programs.

It's about fitness and wellness education.

It's about balanced motivational apps that help you be more satisfied with your life and performance, reinforce healthy behaviors, and strengthen good habits.

It's about helping you be successful in business and your personal life.

8 Great Solutions in 1 Superior Product Family
Running Affair's Business Solutions
  1. On-line Sales and Product Management
  2. Race, Training Program, and Event Registrations
  3. Training Program Management
  4. Race Management and Personal Race Scheduling and Planning
  5. Weight Management and Nutrition
  6. Survey and Testing Manager
  7. Private Communities
  8. Fitness and Wellness Journey Apps including GPS Distance Tracking

Running Affair Provides Solutions for:
  • Race Directors and Sales Managers
  • Event Directors and Sales Managers
  • Training Program Managers and Sales Managers
  • Wellness Program Managers and Sales Managers
  • Event and Merchandise Sales Managers
  • Fundraising Groups
  • Virtual Training Programs
  • Individual Fitness and Wellness Enthusiasts
Running Affair provides the resources you need to accomplish your goals, if you're:
  1. A business or organization whose goal is to provide a more balanced motivational solution for group fitness, wellness, and healthy lifestyle training;
  2. A race, training, or event director that wants a better and more consumer friendly sales and registration solution;
  3. An individual that wants a realistic fitness and healthy lifestyle motivational App to help you be smarter and healthier in your fitness, health, and outlook.
Real Privacy - No Data Mining or Data Manipulation

Sell Your Races, Training Programs, Events, and Merchandise On-line

"Running Affair® provides more value for your business and event than any other event registration and payment solution. Running Affair is the most consumer friendly event registration and sales product available. Our sales and registration features provide more options and flexibility than any other solution. Let us help you simplify your event sales and registrations, enhance your cash flow, and provide a better consumer registration and sales experience."
- Ron and Kathy Franke, Running Affair's Co-founders

Ron and Kathy
Kauai Half Marathon
Running Affair's Group Training and Motivational Solutions

Running Affair's Group Training Program simplifies your training program management and gives you powerful resources to better support your staff and participant's goals for overall fitness and wellness.

An easily adopted and complete training program business solution that includes: program sales and registrations, business and participant training program management, personalized fitness resource tools with the Running Community Journey App, educational resources, and group collaboration. This solution is designed to be used as an in-house (live) training program or as a virtual training program.

Balanced and Comprehensive Fitness and Wellness
Group Training Programs
Running Affair's Journey Apps
for Fitness and Wellness

Running Affair's Journey Apps are motivational tools to help you meet your fitness and wellness goals with a more realistic, flexible, and balanced approach that adapts to the busy and changing aspects of your life.

Whether you're focused on improving your performance in a specific fitness activity, such as running and competitive racing, or on your overall wellness, Running Affair's Journey Apps help you be more satisfied with your life and performance, reinforce healthy behaviors, and strengthen good habits.

iPhone Screenshot of Our Running Community Journey App

Running Affair's Sales

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