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We Provide a Fitness, Wellness, and Training Program Management Platform Solution,
Event Registrations, Merchandise Sales, and Participant Apps for Businesses and Individual Enthusiasts
Running Affair Fitness and Wellness Group Management

Whether your program focus is on fitness or wellness, Running Affair's Group Program Management is designed to keep your participants engaged, motivated, and successful.
Providing Participant Value

Program Management Value
With this solution a business that provides training, fitness, and wellness programs has the opportunity to:
  • Create tailored programs.
  • Reduce the time and expense of group program management and content development.
  • Gain a complete turn key training solution that is easy to adopt and deploy.
  • Increase participant engagement with the Fitness and Wellness Apps.
  • Optional group check-in and participation charts.
  • Participation reports, including milestones and achievements.
  • Participant engagement and coaching options based on participation information.
  • Gain a resource that helps build and reinforce your community with the Community portions of the Fitness and Wellness Apps.
  • Help participants meet their fitness and a healthy lifestyle goals by being goal driven, interactive, and fun to use.
Keeps Participants Engaged
Group Program Management provides resources to help keep participants engaged in the programs through motivational tools such as points and rewards for participation and the completion of program actions.

Complete Turnkey Business Solution
Group Program Management is a turnkey solution that can be easily adopted. It is a complete fitness and wellness program business solution that includes: program sales and registrations, business and participant training program management, personalized fitness resource tools with the Fitness and Wellness Apps, educational resources, and group collaboration. This solution is designed to be used for either for an in-house (live) training program or for a virtual training program.

Options for Program and Merchandise Sales
With this solution you have the opportunity to:
  • Increase program sales.
  • Increase the repeat or sustained participation in programs.
  • Create and sell programs and merchandise.
  • Gain an additional sales channel buy selling programs and merchandise through the Fitness and Wellness Apps.
Fitness and Wellness Apps
Participants in your programs use one of the Fitness and Wellness Apps to help achieve their overall training, fitness, and associated wellness goals and along the way achieve a more balanced and healthy life.

Community Resources
Community resources in the Fitness and Wellness Apps provide an opportunity to create a private local community that supports participants in that community to provide encouragement and support to help participants meet their goals and engage with other program participants.

More Realistic and Flexible Approach
Our Fitness and Wellness Programs are a more realistic and flexible approach that helps participants stay engaged in fitness and wellness, and, helps strengthen healthy habits that will lead to a more healthy and satisfied life.

Running Affair's Group Training Sales

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