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Your Fitness and Wellness Healthy Lifestyle Companions
Our unique "Whole Person" approach is our App foundation and provides a more balanced and complete participant experience and outcome for general fitness and wellness, and for our sports-specific Apps.

The primary outcome goal for all or our Apps is to instill habits and skills in the "Whole Person" areas of:
• Fitness,
• Nutrition
• Weight
• Stress Reduction
• Energy
• Outlook

Addressing each of these areas will improve and sustain your overall health, fitness, and vitality.

[image] Journey
over time, and along Paths where habits and skills are reinforced which support the Journey's overall general health and wellbeing focus.
have a focus, such as stress reduction, and contain one or more Steps.
focus on some theme related to the Path purpose such as exercise to reduce stress, and contains a set of Whole Person Challenges that synergistically support the Path purpose.
are an action to complete, something to learn, a suggestion, or something to attend and are designed to build a habit or skill.
Our Whole Person approach unique benefits for you:
  • Flexible and realistic approach that adapts to your schedule and your other commitments in your work and life.
  • Helps you be more satisfied with your life, reinforce healthy behaviors, and strengthen good habits.
  • Guides you towards making small, gradual changes to improve your health without having to make the big, drastic changes to your lifestyle that diet programs and many fitness programs require.
  • Does not expect you to be perfect in your participation and accomplishments.
Our Apps include:
  • Numerous Path choices and themes tailored to the App's mission.
  • Habit and skills building challenges.
  • Motivational incentives.
  • Educational resources.
  • Optional goal setting and tracking your goals, activities, and progress.
  • Optional monitoring your weight and nutrition.
  • Private gated community focused on health and fitness (coming soon).
  • Options to purchase fitness and wellness gear and merchandise from our catalog.
Our Fitness and Wellness Apps

Our Healthy Lifestyle Journey App
Our motivational resource that engages you to adopt and maintain a more fit and healthy lifestyle with skills building challenges, habit building reminders, and educational resources that help you understand the purpose and benefits of specific actions.

This companion app is for general fitness and well-being for all age and skill levels. You have access to different Paths depending on your fitness and wellness profile and your near and long term goals.

One example path is our SHIELD path whose mission is to encourage you to Sleep better, Handle stress, Interact more with others, Exercise more, Learn new things, and follow a healthy Diet. Addressing all of these will help you gain more energy and a better overall outlook.
Sports-specific Fitness, Wellness, and Training Apps
Our sports-specific apps extend the Healthy Lifestyle Journey App by adding sports specific training, performance, education, and injury prevention.

The Running Community Journey App
This app adds running-specific resources to Healthy Lifestyle Journey App that will enhance your passion for running, improve your performance, and help avoid injury.

Supporting beginners to competitive athletes who run, interval run, or power walk as part of their fitness.
We do not data-mine, sell, or give your information to anyone. We do not present advertisements. You control your data. No ties to third party entities or social media to ensure your privacy and data control.
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