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On-line Sales, Registration, and Training Resources
Sell Your Races, Training Programs, Events, and Branded Merchandise On-line
Running Affair® provides secure and easy to use on-line sales, registration, and product management resources to promote and sell your race entries, training programs, and events, as well as to sell other merchandise, such as event branded products and gear.

Some of the key features we offer are:
  • 100% of your sales deposited to your merchant bank account in as few as two business days.
  • Lower your sales and registration cost.
  • No monthly fee or setup fee.
  • More registration features and flexibility with integrated waiver handling and group check-in.
  • Sell your event branded products along side your event registration sales.
  • Optional training program resources that will enhance your participant's experience and engagement in your program and track participant training activities and progress.
  • High level of personal and product support.
  • Ensure information privacy for you, your customers, and your participants.
[image]Get More Value than Simply Sales and Registrations

We are more than just a great solution for your sales and registrations. Learn how to simplify your race and training program management with our integrated race management, and, activity and training program management facilities.

Running Affair's integrated fitness, wellness, and training program management facilities give you powerful resources to better support your staff and participant's goals for overall fitness and competitive activities.

Using Running Affair's resources you will be able to enhance your participant's engagement in your program. Running Affair fitness and healthy living resources help people achieve their goals for training, fitness, and competitive sports.
Add Value to Your Customer's Experience

We have racing and fitness features that give you the option to add more value for your customer's participatory experience:
  • Your sales and registrations can be integrated with our race and training program management facilities.
  • Value added resources to better support your customer's goals for competitive activities and overall fitness.
  • Enhance your customer's participatory experience in races, fitness, and training.
  • Personal race management tools so your customers can track their race information, scheduling, and individual race statistics
  • You can create training and fitness programs with training schedules for your training and fitness products or as a value add for race participation.
Your Customer's Privacy

Running Affair takes your privacy very seriously. And, we view your customers as exclusively your customers. Running Affair does not data mine. Except for credit card payment information during the transaction, Running Affair does not sell or give user information or your content to anyone for any reason. And, we do not display ads, other than items that you may create as part of your sales. And, outside of the transaction related information such as a sales receipt, we do not send any sales or advertising information to your customers. However, Running Affair does have facilities that enable you to email additional information to your customers, such as race information, training program schedules, and notifications of your other product offerings.

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Ron Franke
Lead Runner at Running Affair
The race photo is courtesy of Fleet Feet Sports, Santa Cruz and Monterey, a Running Affair customer.