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Running Affair's®
Running Community Journey App

Your Training and Sports Lifestyle Companion
Helping you focus on fitness, wellness, and sports training, including resources to enhance your passion for running, fitness, and a healthier lifestyle.

Supporting beginners to competitive athletes who run, interval run, or power walk as part of their fitness.

The Running Community Journey App's unique benefit for you:
  • Our unique Whole Person approach provides a more balanced and complete participant experience and outcome.
  • Reinforcing healthy behaviors and strengthening good habits in fitness, nutrition, weight, stress, energy, and outlook.
  • Enhance your enjoyment, improve your performance, help avoid injury, and to improve and sustain your overall health and fitness.
Use on your smart phone, tablet, and computer with a single data source.

$119 per year.
The Running Community Journey App includes:
  • Numerous Path choices and themes, such as a focus on the "Running Form".
  • Motivational incentives.
  • Educational resources.
  • Goal setting and tracking your goals, activities, and progress.
  • Monitoring your weight and nutrition.
  • Tracking your races, personal times and statistics, and race planning.
  • Private gated community engagement focused on health and fitness (coming soon).
  • Options to purchase fitness gear and merchandise from our catalog.
  • Regular updates with new features.
  • Web based App does not take up memory and no App store required.
over time, and along Paths where habits and skills are reinforced which support the Journey's overall sports-specific focus along with complimentary fitness and wellness support.
have a focus, such as training for a 10K race. But our unique approach is that each path contains Whole Person actions in: fitness, nutrition, weight, stress, energy, and outlook that synergistically support the Path purpose. A Path contains Steps and may vary in the number of Steps.
focus on some theme related to the Path purpose and are usually one week. A Step contains a set of Challenges in each Whole Person area.
are an action to complete, something to learn, a suggestion, or something to attend and are designed to build a habit or skill.
We do not data-mine, sell, or give your information to anyone. We do not present advertisements. You control your data. No ties to third party entities or social media to ensure your privacy and data control.

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