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Running Affair® Event Sales Information

About Running Affair
Running Affair provides event sales and registration support for our customers (the Event Manager) that provide events, such as a race, for their participants and customers. Running Affair also supports the sales of event branded merchandise that may be offered by the Event Manager. Running Affair's role is only to provide the event and event merchandise sales transaction support and the event registration. As part of the sales transaction, Running Affair provides the necessary consumer and credit/bank card information to the bank transaction provider that is required to complete the transaction. Running Affair does not store credit/bank card information.

Your bank/credit card statement will display Running Affair as the seller of the sales transaction. This statement also appears on your sales receipt.

Running Affair Disclaimer
Running Affair is only responsible for the sales transaction for the event and event merchandise, and for the event registration as part of the sales transaction. Running Affair is not responsible for any aspect of the event or event products. The Event Manager is solely responsible for the event and event products. The Event Manager is responsible for the event and product description and pricing, terms and conditions, waivers, return policy, and any other event and product information. For merchandise products, shipping and/or merchandise pickup options are solely handled by the Event Manager.

Event Information
Contact the Event Manager for information about your event.

Get your receipt
Contact the Event Manager to get a copy of your sales transaction.

Get your registration info
Contact the Event Manager to get a copy of your registration information.

Running Affair's Privacy Differentiation

One major differentiator is that Running Affair takes your privacy very seriously. Running Affair does not data mine. We do not sell or give user information or your content to anyone for any reason (except during the sales transaction). We do not display third party ads. And, outside of the transaction related information such as a sales receipt, we do not send any sales or advertising information to event customers.

Our Quality Statement
We believe that quality is when our products and services meet the reasonable needs and expectations of our customer.

Continuous Improvement
Software products are never perfect and are continuously improved. We will strive to the best of our ability to produce the highest level of product quality possible.

Focus on Our Customer
We partner with our customers, to the extent possible, to develop products and services that our customers need and want. Running Affair's primary focus for our business customers is supporting those providing running and triathlon races and/or fitness and training programs. Our integrated race and training program management facilities are powerful resources to better support participant's goals for competitive activities and overall fitness. Beyond helping you sell events and other products, our goal is to provide value added resources that enhance the participatory experience in races, fitness, and training.

High Level of Company Integrity
Running Affair will act at all times with the highest level of business integrity. We will work with customers in an open, communicative, and collaborative fashion. We will strive to provide a fair and open business relationship.
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